Deppbot was retired on 31 Dec 2018

Deppbot will be shuttering its service on 31 Dec 2018. After which, all data will be deleted and login will be disabled.

It's been an interesting journey for Deppbot..

When Deppbot started, it was ahead of its time and "Continuous Update" as a process was relatively new.

Since then, the concept of keeping your code/dependencies updated (especially to keep your product safe of security vulnerabilities) has caught on with many forward-looking companies and many similar services have also sprouted. Deppbot is proud to have been part of this history.

However, I am unable to focus my energy on Deppbot at the moment and so it's been extremely difficult to keep Deppbot running..

Hence the most appropriate thing to do is to shutter the service for now.

Thank YOU for your patience and support, and I hope Deppbot was useful to you in some ways.

So long.